Fire Lines


Terry Gallagher Plumbing Inc. has installed a host of underground fire line systems for large municipalities, private businesses, medical offices, shopping complexes, industrial parks, entertainment facilities, recreational areas, churches, schools and residential communities.

Industry standards and local or regime building codes require us to have a qualified staff dedicated to these types of fire suppression systems and installations. As a result we have become a bellwether in underground fireline construction and a first line of defense for the most inductively authorizing projects.

We service any type of installation whether it be on a State, County or Village road. We do wet cuts and three valve clusters, as well as install fire hydrants and perform hydrostatic tests.

  • Fire Lines
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Backflow Devices
  • Wet Taps
  • 3-Valve Clusters
  • Vaults and Hot Boxes

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